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PPV Makes it Easy for YouThe A to Z Service all under One Roof

  • Liaise with Employer/Candidate for all document authentication
  • Liaise with applicant wherever you may be in the world
  • Arrange Medical examination and PCR tests
  • Satisfy criminal record requirements
  • Arrange degree/qualification attestations
  • Arrange Marriage/Birth/Death Certificates
  • Arrange commercial document attestation
  • Pay all fees on your behalf
  • 24/7 Consultancy: Rapid, continual, and uninterrupted support whatever the query
  • Prepare and submit all applications to embassies
  • Secure dispatch and handling of documents in accordance with client-specific instructions
  • Solutions to obstacles of all kinds
  • MultiLingual staff at hand, at all times
  • In-depth knowledge in cultural awareness and appropriation
  • Constant interaction & updates on all stages of the process
  • UK Passport processing and services
  • Domestic pet services/transport from departure to arrival at your destination

Our Worldwide Experts Are Available 24/7

We are a consultancy headquartered in London with representative satellite offices in: 

USA & North America – Europe – Scandinavia – Africa – Middle East – Asia – Australia & New Zealand.

We work closely with foreign embassies and consulates in the UK, US, Europe and the Middle East. We provide an expanding global reach and look forward to adding Australia to our portfolio in the near future. With other regional offices in Europe, USA, Asia and Riyadh we truly are global leaders with all the benefits that brings for our clients.

Our multilingual staff are able to maintain a cordial, professional and polite manner with all customers, ensuring the smooth delivery of any of our services worldwide, and on a consistent basis, whilst ensuring that Embassy integrity is at all times respected and uncompromised.

Corporate & Individual VISA Consular Services

PPV are leaders in the field of Visa and Consulate services. Our long established and respected services reflect our knowledge of current requirements and familiarity with required process. We are respected for delivery with minimum delay or rejection of applications.

Meet & Greet Personalised Services

PPV offer a concierge service ensuring our clients arrival and through journey is as comfortable and efficient as possible. PPV ensure that every trip is a smooth as possible for our clients meeting them and escorting them though unfamiliar channels to their destination.

Facilitation of urgent VISA requirements

We understand that sometimes urgency is required. At these times our familiarity with VISA legislations and requirements is incomparable allowing us to support client's applications along with the greatest speed whilst ensuring all conditions for entry/exit are fully met.

Continuous Support & Consultation

We provide continual and uninterrupted support for our clients throughout the process. Whatever the query or wherever in the world our client is, we respond with speed and efficiency.

Expert Advice on all Consular Matters

PPV know it is essential to always reflect the most current requirements and can reach to long experience on a variety of consular matters allowing us to deliver the very best service to our clients.

Secure Handling, Processing & Delivery

Our clients can rest at ease knowing that security, confidentiality and efficiency are a priority in the PPV service. We never use couriers. Our own security team handles all movement of documents.

Professional Legal Attestations

We provide attestations for a diverse variety of legal documents, be it commercial, academic or professional to our clients worldwide.

EU & USA VISA Application Consultations

With different visa requirements throughout the world we offer the most up to the moment requirements and the most timely delivery possible.

Executive Transport Services

Travelling in comfort is essential to our clients allowing them to arrive at their destinations within the preferred time frame and with the least intrusion.

Consultation on UK/USA Immigration matters

PPV offer the most up to date information on requirements and we ensure that our team are always apprised of any possible change that might affect our clients. We are always available to discuss and review current needs and requirements. Speak to our expert team today no matter the difficulties you are experiencing and rest assured we will provide you with solutions and answers that will help alleviate your issues, and circumvent bureaucracy.

Embassy Outsource Services

Many embassies prefer to outsource their consular services to PPV Worldwide as a global application centre. By submitting all applications on behalf of our customers, our service reduces physical traffic at embassy HQ's worldwide. Our expertise allow us to scrutinise all applications in accordance with embassy requirements whilst we also ensure handling and delivery by hand for security reasons. No time-wasting & a smooth process ensured.

Bespoke & Custom Services

PPV provides a wide range of supporting services. Contact us to talk through your requirements and we will ensure your needs are met in a timely efficient style. All our associates are vetted and we ensure they all work to the PPV standards. Whether you are looking for accommodation, flight assistance, interior design or digital services, do not hesitate to drop us an email for all the information you need to proceed with peace of mind.


Since 1991 We Have MoreSatellites Offices Around the World

Our proficiency allows International and high-profile firms and individuals to trust our team to deliver exceptional and timely services. We are always well placed to consult and present the very best solution for our clients.

Our clients return to us as they appreciate that the services we provide are secure, guaranteed and always handled with confidentiality and professionalism. Our clients know they can rely on us wherever they are in the world aware they always get value for money by using PPV as their long term partner. Please be assured that we do not take payment prior to visa completion. Our clients’ deadlines are our deadlines.


Let Us Help You Translate Any Document You Need, Efficiently

Our expert linguists are able to provide you with specialist translation for a variety of documents such as medical and research papers, commercial presentations, patent applications, and more. We provide a range of languages including Arabic, Greek, German (certified and non-certified), English, Chinese Mandarin and French. We fully comprehend that the currency of business is “trust” and as such, we are able to provide a highly confidential service whilst covering a range of industries from medical and technical to distribution and digital. Our instant interpreter services can be provided through video, telephone, and other means allowing us to customize our service to serve our clients’ meetings and events, as per their needs at the time.